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Working for Net Objectives

Net Objectives operates on the principle that "life works": our remuneration is in direct proportion to the value we deliver. Our vision is effective software development without suffering. Learn more about our vision and beliefs.

Our Commitments to Employees Are:

  • The quality of life of our employees on and off the job
  • The value they can provide to our customers
  • Being profitable (a measure of the value we provide)
  • Learning and having fun on the job

We have an incredible work environment where interactions between senior staff is encouraged. Besides our consulting and coaching, we develop courses and write books and articles on the topics of Lean/Kanban Software Development, Agile processes and Scrum, and software Design Patterns and more. Each trainer is encouraged to collaborate on writing books and articles.

Although our pay is comparable to other companies, we don't want people to come on board just for the money. It's a unique environment we offer. Out of adding great value to our customers we reward ourselves. We have maintained our profitability since our inception because of following this mandate.

Our Incredible Benefits Include:

  • Health/Dental/Life Insurance Benefit. Complete coverage provided the first of the month following hiring date for full-time employees, partial coverage for part-time employees.
  • Health club benefit. We want you to take care of yourself, so we provide a 50% stipend for a health club membership of your choice.
  • Access to a life coach. We provide up to 20 coaching sessions a year to help you in whatever issues/challenges you have - either business or personal related.¬† We are committed to our employees' well-being and effectiveness.
  • Charitable contributions. We have a strong commitment to returning something to our community. We match up to $200 per month to any qualified charitable organization by all employees.
  • Profit sharing. 40% of our profits go back to the employees. We actually make money!
  • 401K Plan
  • Education/equipment allowance. All full-time employees have a budget of $200/month for equipment, training and book expenses at their discretion.

Net Objectives Current Job Openings

We do not have any job openings at this time.