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An Integrated, Cohesive Approach

All of our trainers, consultants, and coaches follow a consistent Lean-Agile approach to sustainable product development. By providing services at all of these levels, we provide you with a consistent message. In fact, most of our staff provide services at two or more of these levels.

Net Objectives offers the most comprehensive Lean-Agile training in the world. Our offerings include Transition Management for Lean-Agile, Agile Training for Teams and Specific Roles: Kanban, Scrumban, Scrum and More, Design Patterns, ATDD, TDD (Emergent Design, Sustainable Test-Driven Development, Essential Skills for the Agile Developer, Design Patterns for Agile Developers, and Lean-Agile Testing Practices) and more. Our approach is a blend of principles and practices to provide a complete team and/or enterprise wide training solution. We also provide several Net Objectives Certification courses. See our Training area for a full list of our offerings.

Lean-Agile Roadmaps

The Net Objectives Lean-Agile Roadmap provides the best way to achieve the promise of Agile methods at an enterprise level. Many organizations have had success with Agile at the team but are struggling to get true business results from Agile. Others, knowing they need to move to Agile methods are hesitant, seeing this almost ubiquitous result in others. Our Lean-Agile Roadmap discovery is a way to avoid the blockages and detours so many others have hit.

Lean-Agile Consulting

Many enterprises are undertaking the transition to Lean-Agile methods. Unfortunately, most of them believe making teams Agile will make their enterprise Agile. It typically won’t. Consulting services provide an outside view to see what structural and cultural changes need to be made in order to create an organization that fosters effective development.

Lean-Agile Coaching

While training can provide a great jump start, coaching is often the most effective way of assisting a team in transitioning to a more effective software development process. Our coaches work with your teams to provide guidance in both the direction your teams need to go and in how to get there. Coaching provides the knowledge transfer while working on your own problem domain.

Scrum Tuneups

For more than a decade, we have coached thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams. Our experience led to the creation of our Scrum Clinic to help teams improve their Scrum methods and avoid patterns of Scrum failure. We now offer a coaching engagement specifically designed to help Scrum teams further improve on their methods.

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