Twibinar with Esther Derby and Alan Shalloway on Management and Trust

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This twibinar* will be a conversation between Esther Derby and Alan Shalloway and the participants discussing the questions:
 • What is the role of management in Agile?
 • How can you get people with different goals to collaborate together?
 • How does one create trust across roles?
The twibinar will start with a dialog between Esther and Alan on “what is the role of management in Agile?” It will then be opened to Q&A from the audience.  We’ll then repeat this for the next two questions – first a dialog between Esther and Alan, then an open Q&A session. Throughout the twibinar, folks will be encouraged to be tweeting questions and comments to each other (using twitter tag #mgmtrust)  in order to have a broader conversation.
* A twibinar is a virtual meeting between multiple presenters/panelists with a simultaneous twitter tag type conversation amongst the participants.  In other words, while the presenters/panelists are doing their thing, the participants are tweeting amongst themselves using a common hashtag so they can see what is being tweeted to each other.

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Jul. 16, 2012 9:00am to 10:00am PDT
Cost: Free
Questions or problems with registration or directions? Contact Andrea Bain for assistance.
Presented By:
Net Objectives
Category B

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