Pugh-Killeen Joins Forces With Net Objectives

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Aug 13 2007

Pugh-Killeen Joins Forces With Net Objectives Training and Consulting Team. Sinan Si Alhir, noted author also joins Net Objectives.

Bellevue, Washington. (August 13 , 2007) –Net Objectives (www.netobjectives.com), the premier Agile training/consulting company today announced that Pugh-Killeen Associates has joined forces with Net Objectives. Ken Pugh, noted author and principal consultant of Pugh-Killeen has become a Fellow Consultant for Net Objectives. Noted author Sinan Si Alhir has also joined the company as a Senior Consultant. Net Objectives, has recently launched their own professional certification program and continues to expand their training and enterprise consulting practices.

Ken Pugh developed software systems for large and small businesses from long-baseline interferometry to embedded systems for signal processing to networked file storage. His wide variety of experience with numerous operating systems, languages, and development processes and his expertise in a broad range of environments allows him to rapidly adapt to new technology.

In welcoming Pugh as a Fellow Consultant, Net Objectives CEO Alan Shalloway commented, “Ken’s vast experience and stellar reputation in process, design, object-oriented analysis and programming will provide an amazing depth of professional expertise to our customers. Ken’s hands-on knowledge and experience in Agile process implementation and his decades of software and solutions consulting, teaching and course design will provide extraordinary value to our corporate enterprise clients and students alike. He’s designed and implemented projects for just about every industry in just about every flavor invented, he is an invaluable addition to our team.”

Pugh has trained thousands of students as a teacher and mentor in subjects ranging from object-oriented design to UNIX operating system internals. He has presented at numerous conferences seminars on software development processes, programming techniques, and system architecture. He has also written four books on programming and operating systems. Among them, Interface-Oriented Design, Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2006, and Prefactoring, O’Reilly, 2005. Ken holds an M.S.E.E., member of I.E.E.E., A.C.M., Phi Beta Kappa, and is past president of the Independent Computer Consultants Association.

“I discovered that Alan Shalloway and I have similar views on many software development topics, such as approaches to lean/agile and interface design,” said Pugh. “Since I’ve developed software for a wide variety of applications, my approach to Agile comes from the development side, so I can relate to developers as well as the customers on an Agile team. I'll be invigorated by the opportunity to work with their customers and share ideas with Alan and the other Net Objectives consultants.”

Sinan Si Alhir joined Net Objectives in June as Senior Consultant, Trainer and Coach.

On Alhir’s joining the company, Shalloway commented, "Si’s expertise in Lean, Agile, Scrum and facilitating enterprise transformation is a great fit for our team. He’s joined us as we continue to expand our enterprise consulting and training practice. He’s focusing on Lean-Agile implementation and organizational transformation through a value centric, people centric approach. His breadth and depth of expertise and experience in the implementation of Lean-Agile practices will provide exponential value to our customers and students.”

Alhir has over two decades of experience in all aspects of software development. With a proven performance record in aligning Business and Technology using industry-recognized and organization-tailored Lean, Agile, and other Best Practices, he focuses on transforming organizations by cultivating effective Communities of Practices. He is commonly categorized as an "Essentialist" and "Resultant" who is measured by the sustainability of his influence.

“Net Objectives is well recognized in the industry for quality training and coaching, enabling us to move beyond lean-agile approaches and engage in enterprise-level transformation,” Alhir said. “Their vision and humanistic approach to assisting companies in maximizing business value is well aligned with my own perspective in working with individuals, teams, and organizations to actualize their potential.”

Alhir is a Certified Scrum Master, Project Management Professional, IT Project Management Certified Professional, and e-Business Certified Professional. He is a member of the Agile Alliance, Agile Project Leadership Network, and Scrum Alliance. He is the author of “UML in a Nutshell", O’Reilly & Associates, “Guide to Applying the UML”, Springer-Verlag and “Learning UML” O’Reilly & Associates.

About Net Objectives

Net Objectives is the nation’s premier Lean-Agile training company with the most extensive curriculum. Practice areas include: Lean Software Development, Scrum Process and Analysis, Agile Architecture, Test-Driven Development, Agile Design Patterns, Quality Assurance and more. The company delivers comprehensive assessments, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting via public courses and custom in-house corporate programs focused on the practical implementation of Lean-Agile practices. Founded in 1999 by Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives is a diverse and talented team of Agile Experts headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.



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