Advanced Lean-Agile Project Management for Scrum Masters

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Course Overview

Certification by Net Objectives. Net Objectives is not affiliated with the Scrum Alliance.This two day course teaches how to be a Scrum Master using Lean principles to manage an iteration as well as increase visibility of the team's process to management. Both are essential to improve efficiency of the team and to include corporate management to allow for changes needed to remove impediments to the team.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Software developers, analysts, and project managers who want to understand how to make their Scrum teams more effective.

Learning Objectives: 
  • How to be a Scrum Master whose team works efficiently
    By learning how to manage the workflow of your team, you can help them be more efficient as well as move them into a mode of continuous process improvement more quickly
  • How to work with management so they can help your team become more effective
    While basic Scrum tends to insulate teams from management, Lean-Scrum helps managers understand how the team works from a business perspective. This aligns management with the team - making them an ally in improving the team's methods
  • How to lead your team into continuously improving their process
    Scrum requires teams to learn. This requires the Scrum Master to be a facilitator in this learning. Studies have shown that focusing on workflow instead of individual, or even team performance, lowers fear and accelerates this.
  • To identify common Scrum Anti-Patterns and use Lean principles to build on what others have learned
    There is not enough time to learn from your own mistakes - you need to learn from the mistakes of others
  • The essence of Kanban Software Engineering
    While you may want to continue with Scrum, learning how to manage your work in process and explicitly define what works best for the team can result in significant quality and time to market improvements

The Lean Connection

  • You'll learn Scrum in the Context of Lean Principles
    This certification course includes imparting an understanding of how Lean principles guide teams in the adoption of Scrum practices.
  • You can avoid many of the errors most new Scrum teams make by learning how Lean solves many basic questions:
    • How do we determine the order and number of stories in our Sprint backlog to work on?
    • How do we handle specialized or over-worked staff?
    • What is the proper work flow for our stories?
    • How can we ensure that the testers keep up with the developers?
    • How can we manage dependencies with other teams?

Upon Graduation

As a result of successful completion of the program, students receive an extensive list of competencies that delineate the skills required for performing as a Lean Scrum Master. Every student is given access to our proprietary Professional Self-Assessment Tool to determine which of these competencies are understood. Students enjoy ongoing access to our valuable on-line learning resources, providing them the best and most complete curriculum to continue their education in comparison to any other Agile training provider. Upon earning a passing grade on the post-course Certification Competencies Exam, the student is granted their Professional Scrum Certificate by Net Objectives.
Net Objectives is not affiliated with the Scrum Alliance.

All the Details

Category: Scrum and Kanban

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 Days

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Certification and PDUs
14 PDUs Category B