Advanced Scrum

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If you don't see a scheduled public course in your area don't worry! We specialize in providing in-house training to meet your particular needs, or we can arrange a Public Course in your local area if you have 6 or more team members committed to attend.

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Course Overview

This course is intended for teams that have been trained by the Scrum Alliance or whose training typically does not include lean-flow.  This is not an advanced course intended for for attendees of our own Implementing Scrum for Your Team as these concepts are included there.  Both successful and struggling Scrum teams will find this course provides invaluable insights for further improvement. Scrum's minimalistic attitude is a two-edged sword.  While making Scrum easy to start, it requires new teams to reinvent methods that have been well established by those in the Kanban community.  This course presents principles and practices that we find virtually all Scrum teams will need after just 2-3 sprints in order to avoid many common challenges that most Scrum teams without this knowledge face.  This course teaches advanced  Scrum, Lean and Kanban methods to greatly improve the productivity  and learning ability of a Scrum team.  This  includes:

  • basic theory of Lean-Flow
  • why managing work-in-progress is so important
  • how to manage work-in-progress
  • relative estimation methods (to improve estimates made with planning poker while lowering the time required to do estimation)
  • why explicit workflow improves learning, morale and team-work
  • service classes and why service level agreements can solve many challenges due to service requests during a sprint
  • how to work with management to have them better understand how/why Scrum works

This course is designed to help teams that have the following challenges:

  • stories are often open, but unfinished, at the end of a sprint
  • estimation takes too long
  • the team has plateaued in its effectiveness
  • interruptions due to needed bug fixes derail the sprint
  • management interrupts the team expecting that these interruptions can be handled just by working a little harder
  • management and teams don't work together but see each other as an impediment

This course is also a good preparation before having teams work together on large projects as it provides many insights helpful to scaling Agile.

Much of the material in this course is available at the Scrum Clinic.

Net Objectives is in a unique position of helping Scrum teams since we are the only company that has thought leaders in eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban and Lean. 

Prior to doing this course, the Net Objectives trainer will have a 2 hour conversation with the team lead(s) involved to ensure that the challenges their team(s) are having are addressed.

Course Objectives: 
  • go beyond the limits of standard Scrum training
  • greatly enhance the ability of your Scrum teams to be able to complete Sprints with their projected amount of stories
  • incorporate Lean-thinking into your Scrum process
  • have your Scrum teams recognize how they can work to fit into the bigger picture of agility at scale

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Scrum team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners who have taken Scrum Alliance or Scrum training.

This is not intended as a follow on to our Implementing Scrum For Your Team which covers these concepts.


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Category: Scrum and Kanban

Level: Advanced

Length: 1 Day

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