Essential Skills for the Agile Developer On-Line Training

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If you don't see a scheduled public course in your area don't worry! We specialize in providing in-house training to meet your particular needs, or we can arrange a Public Course in your local area if you have 6 or more team members committed to attend.

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Course Overview

What It Is

The Essential Skills for the Agile Developer On-Line Training is a stand-alone, on-line course that provides the basics of good coding methods for programmers who have to write code that needs to be able to change - essentially, how to write code with low technical debt. This course is a stand-alone course based on the book: Essential Skills for the Agile Developer: A Guide to Better Programming and Design. It is continued by the online course Design Patterns Explained module. These two on-line courses provide the equivalent of our three day Design Patterns for the Agile Developer live course.

How it works

The course has 10 modules – each presented over one week – presented over a three month period. There are three weeks in the period that have no sessions or work assigned to avoid major holidays and to provide a break between two concurrent sessions. Each session is preceded with a short assignment (either reading an article or watching a short webinar). The session itself is a recording of a live session of a Net Objectives instructor – typically 30-45 minutes in length. An assignment is then provided that should take about 30 minutes to complete. Many of these sessions will require working with another participant in the course. The assignment is then e-mailed to Net Objectives. At any time during this process, participants may ask questions of the instructor via email. There is also a weekly, 1 hour live session for asking questions.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Primary Audience: This course is for experienced developers, testers, designers, architects, technical leads, and those who manage development teams. They should have intermediate to advanced object-oriented experience. If the team does not use Agile methods, it is suggested that they consider our Design Patterns Explained course as an alternative.

Secondary Audience: Less experienced developers will find value and should be included if part of an experienced team. In this case we provide pre-course material to help bring them up to speed. If the entire team is inexperienced in Object-Orientation, they will be better served with our Effective Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Course. Project managers have often attended this course to learn the approach of their teams and have found that to be useful.

All the Details

Category: Design Patterns ATDD TDD

Level: Intermediate

Length: 10 Days

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Certification and PDUs
Maximum Number in Class
1 000 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)
Room Setup and Equipment Needed
Lessons will be provided on-line via webinars and email. No special computer equipment, other than email and internet, is required.