Implementing Kanban for Your Team

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Course Overview

Implementing Kanban for Your Team (IKFYT) is a course which provides a solid understanding of the principles, key tenets, and practices for implementing a lean-agile approach.  The course is specifically intended for the ‘whole’ team – all skills necessary to define, prioritize, build, and implement increments of business value. 

Kanban is an effective approach for delivering software solutions that focuses on the flow of work to reduce delays, increase quality, and manage demand with capacity. Kanban is based on iterative development practices and Lean Thinking. Kanban provides significant visibility into how a team works. It is superior to first generation methods because it enables a better relationship with management, can be tailored to a wider range of environments, and is generally easier to adopt.

Implementing Kanban for Your Team provides the basics for teams just beginning their implementation of Lean-Agile as well for teams that are just starting to work together. Participants leave with hands on knowledge and actionable steps to achieve iterative software development and delivery. Students will learn the basics of Kanban and ihow to mplement it, with or without iterations, in their environment.

All Net Objectives consultants have hands on practical experience with applying Lean thinking to the delivery of software technology solutions. Our approach is to show how Lean applies to an incremental realization of software features and systems and how to apply practices that improve the team’s ability to deliver.

Course Objectives: 

This course prepares teams to implement Kanban either with or without iterations. Note that prior to the course, we will work with the customer to determine what dynamics need to be considered. IKFYT covers all aspects of the Lean-Agile framework and practices needed by team members. After this training, teams will be able to start using Kanban.

We highly recommend consulting and coaching services to be included with this training offering, or consider the Net Objectives Kanban Startup Package. This is especially true if your teams have little or no iterative development experience.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Any practitioner involved in the software development process: Developers, analysts, testers, architects, technical leads, sponsors, managers, and business SMEs. This course is appropriate for teams beginning to implement Lean-Agile or Kanban or for newly formed teams.

Learning Objectives: 

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use Kanban software development to create and build high quality code in a shorter period than the team's current capability
  • The importance of managing work in progress (WIP)
  • How to analyze and manage requirements in a Lean-Agile project
  • Options for estimating, sizing and decomposing work
  • How to implement Kanban starting where you are now
  • How to use continuous flow diagrams
  • Why visibility is critical in all Lean-Agile implementations
  • How to properly involve management with the team

All the Details

Category: Scrum and Kanban

Level: Foundational

Length: 2 Days

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Certification and PDUs
14 PDUs Category B
Maximum Number in Class
24 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)