Lean-Agile Software Development for Executives and Management

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If you don't see a scheduled public course in your area don't worry! We specialize in providing in-house training to meet your particular needs, or we can arrange a Public Course in your local area if you have 6 or more team members committed to attend.

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Course Overview

This course can be delivered in a 2 hour, 1/2 day or full day format.  It is intended to be taken by top management either in preparation for transitioning their organization to Lean-Agile methods or just to learn more about Lean Software Development.  It is delivered in these formats since it is often difficult to get executives for a 1/2 day or full day course.  The different formats cover the following:

2 hours. Provides an overview of Lean Software Development.  There is about 30 minutes available for integrated Q&A.

1/2 day. Provides more depth.

Full day. Includes an extra 3-4 hours to discuss the roles that would be involved in transitioning the organization to Lean-Agile methods.

This course is heavy on interaction and discussing how lean can be introduced successfully in the organization. Essentially the 2-hour version is an overview, with the 4-hour version providing a deeper cut - although still not as deep as our 2-day course on Lean for directors and managers.

Two-Hour Live, On-Line Instructor Presentation

We've heard so many people ask "How can we get our executives to undestand why Lean and Agile are so useful?" that we've put together a 2 hour, highly interactive, video conferencing delivery of the 2-hour on-site version of this course.  This is a great way to get executives understanding the advantages of Lean and Agile.  It's low cost, yet highly effective. 

Course Objectives: 
  • To enable executives and directors understand how to use lean principles to transform their organization
  • To provide the context for developing software faster, with higher quality and lower cost 
  • To create a new paradigm of software development that integrates people and process
  • To enable participants to see the cost of poor quality in the software development cycle
  • To improve the awareness of the importance of fast-flexible flow
  • To underscore the importance of using process as a baseline for change.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Directors, managers, team leaders, architects, business analysts, product managers, project managers

Secondary Audience: 
Any member of the development team
Learning Objectives: 
  • Understanding the importance of time to market and how to use minimal marketable features to achieve that
  • Why visibility of the organization's process is so improtant
  • Why efficiency will lead to low cost, but why you can't go after low cost directly
  • What is in the way of predictability
  • Why quality is so important
  • How to measure success
  • How to use pull to plan
  • Understand key factors in transitioning

All the Details

Category: Executive

Level: Intermediate

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From our clients ...

  • Spectacular course. By far the most informative training I have taken. Lean is giving me the perspective I need to see how Agile might really fit in my enterprise.
Certification and PDUs
14 PDUs Category B
Maximum Number in Class
24 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)
Room Setup and Equipment Needed
Classrooms require students at tables (round or long) as well as several white boards or flip-charts. A projector with screen is also needed.